Welcome to my site. I am the proud owner of 2 Malinois x Dutch Shepherds with which I am active the IGP (previously called IPO) practice sports and also with 1 of the 2 dogs the, still a young but rapidly emerging sport in the Netherlands, Dock diving is very actively practiced. My dogs are bred from a pure and successful line of work dogs. Detailed information can be found further on the site. I hope with this site to give you a glimpse into the world of dog sports, which my dogs and I enjoy very much, in addition to of course being the owner of this beautiful, hard-working breed.

Both at home and on the field I use some of the methods that Cesar Millan uses, therefore rest and discipline are very important. Especially since Malinois aren’t quiet dogs by nature, this is particularly important in my eyes. This is a breed that enjoys working for its own with huge commitment. Furthermore, I learnt a lot from Knut Fuchs, Bart Bellon and my instructor Dave van Belzen, van Knut Fuchs en Bart Bellon. Therefore, I also try to apply their methods to my dogs and myself. And finally a good dose of myself.